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What States Allow Same Sex Marriage Article

Caught My Daughter On Camera Having Sex

Caught my Daughter on Camera Having Sex

By deepprobsix - Oct 17, 2008 22108 I was fixing a camera up to catch some youths that had been messing about in my garden at night, I was going to place it in the upstairs landing window and was just about to install it when the phone ran.The nearest phone is in my daughters bedroom so I went in I put the camera down on the desk she has in there so I could write down some details.I was asked if I could ok into work as they had a big problem so I said yes I forgot all about the camera and went out I had already made sure that the wireless camera was working with my computer and had already set it to record.I did not return for four hours and saw my daughter leaving along with two boys I went in and remembered the camera so I sat down at my computer and had a look at what it had picked up.My daughter Kirsty is 19 blond and has a great body and what I have seen thought her t-shirts a great pair of tits, well the first thing I saw was my daughter telling these two youths to kneel on the floor in front of her while she stood on the bed then Kirsty started to undress for them very slowly, first she poped open the button on her jeans then lowered the zip and slowly pushed the jeans down and flicked them off, She then ordered the boys to stand and strip of which they did but as they had there back to the camera I could not see what they had to offer my daughter she then told them to kneel back down.Kirsty then lifted her t-shrit up over her head reveling and pair of well formed , firm pair of tits with nipples harder and longer than I had ever seen they must have been at least 3/4 to a inch long she cuped both tits in her hand and and played with then pinching her hard nipples between her fingers this made her give out a low soft moan.Kirsty then rolled down her nickers and even I had to take a sharp intake of breath as she revieled the most black pubic hair I had every seen and it was like a forest so thick.She opened her legs and you could just make out her slit and clit though the hair, she ordered Graham to kneel in front of her and she placed her hands on the back of his head and pushed his face into her fanny and you could tell be the look on Kirstys face he was hitting the right spot.Dave now got up and went and stood behind Graham and lent forward and sucked one of her big hard nipples into his mouth and placed a hand on the other, Kirasty was now breathing hard and and her body was shaking and these to boys worked on my daughter.Graham moved one of his hands up the inside of her leg and must have entered a finger or two inside Kirsty as she gave out a long moan of "o" god yes thats good her body went ridged and then she shook all over as she came and fell back on the bed, All this time they had had there backs to me so I still did not know what these to boys were packing but now as Kirsty had fallen on the bed they moved and Graham turned sideways on to the camera and he had a cock that looked like it was about six inches long and nearly as thick it was like a tree trunk , dave then moved to and his cock came into sight have his was at least seven or eight inches long but noway as thick as grahams.Kirsty moved and placed two pillows under her bum to raise it high and one under her head, she told graham is give her a tit fuck and he did not need telling twice he got on the bed and sat across my daughter placing this tree trunk bewteen her tits and as her head was pushed up by the pillow she took it into her moth as he pushed his cock forward.Dave got on the bed and got down between her legs and started to eat Kirstys pussy sucking on her clit and licking her he brought up his hand and this time I could see two fingers enter her and she gave out a load moan as he did so or as load as she could with her mouth full of this thick cock.After a while Kirsty came again how she did not bite the top of Grahams cock with the way she was moaning and shaking I do not know but he just carried on fucking her tits and filling her mouth.Dave now got up on his knees and took hold of Kirstys ankles lifting her legs up so they rested on his shoulders and with her bum up on the pillows her fanny was at the right hight for him.He placed the tip of this long cock up against her hole he took hold of her round the waist and as he pushed forward he pulled her down and ramed her full of the hole seven inches until his balls slaped agains her arss.He held her thight on his cock for a few seconds before pulling out and raning it home again, Kirsty let Graham's cock fall from her mouth as she screem thats it fuck me you barstead fuck me hard, yes yes thats it as dave fucked her , slaming his cock into her as far as it would go, Graham place kirstys hands onto her tits so she held them round his cock and he lent back and placed a hand onto har pussy and shoved a finger in her slit and started to rub her clit again and again her body went ridged shaking as orgasam after orgasam ripped though her. Graham all of asudden shot his cum all over Kirstys face covering it she opened her mouth so some entered and she licked her lips as she replaced this throbing cock back into her mouth sucking ever last drop from it.She then took hold of it and lick it and ran her tonuge rond her mouth getting as much of the cum as she could.dave was still fucking her as hard and fast as he could and after a few minutes more shouted I'm cumming as he pulled her down on his cock one last hard time and he arched his back to make sure every last bit of his cock she filling my daughters hole her body was shaking again as Dave empited his cum into her he held her tight down on his throbbing cock keeping every last bit in her untill he was empty. He let her go as both boys laied down beside her Dave palced two fingers inside her and Graham rubed her clit untill Kirsty screemed out again as she cam again they all then dropped of to sleep both boys still cluching her fanny.When they awoke they all dressed had someint to eat and drink and they all left which is when I saw them leaving as I got home.Later on that night I went into kirstys room to take her a cup of tea and as I was just leaving she said with a wicked smile hope you like the show this afternoon, maybe you could make a prober dvd of us sometime. I was stuned that she new that the camera waas there and I told her I had not left it there to spy on her but had just forgotten it when I went out, No matter she said will you record us sometime, Just tell me when I said with a smile but thats another story so keep looking.

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