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Ice Storm Get Together

By Stoneypoint - Dec 16, 2007 - From longstories. Longer erotic stories - Views - 8769 It was an unusual 52 degrees that day and Jaynie Alexander made the decision to move into her new condo that weekend. The forecast predicted the next couple of days to be around that temperature with a slight possibility of rain.
Excited about the move into her new place, the condo overlooked a large swimming pool with other building surrounding it as well. Residing on the very end of the building with a thick grove of older trees it was beautiful haven which happened to be a steal of a deal.
She called her friends, called the rental place and at 9:00 in the morning was ready to begin loading her stuff up and move it to the new location, but oddly the weather patterns changed and before they new it a heavy rain began moving in on them.
She hadn’t even called to have the heat turned on. She left a message with the management company, but they hadn’t called her back on her cell. Moving boxes and most of the smaller stuff initially, the rain got heavier and the temperature started dropping quickly.
By noon it had gone from 51 down to 35. Her male friends decided it was time to get her couches, beds and TV over to the condo before it became any worse. The rain started to change. It was becoming icier. It was coming down heavier. It was taxing on everyone and helping her out was far from being any fun any longer.
Jaynie apologized to everyone. She wished there was some way of repaying them for their help, but she knew she really couldn’t. Her next door neighbor had come home and seeing that they were struggling to get the mattresses indoors before it became worse offered to help them haul her stuff indoors and upstairs where her bedrooms were.
A big man himself Terry Cotter was a quieter man but affable. At the young age of 50, he had no troubles hauling her belongings indoors and upstairs, much to their surprise. “It’s going to get ugly soon and ya all are gonna want to have this stuff in as soon as possible” he told them. “Little lady” he went on to say even though the 24 year old postal employee wasn’t little “if there is anything else you need just ring my doorbell. Ya all understand that” the former Missouri resident told his new neighbor and her friends.
He smiled, waved goodbye and walked off. Everything had been unloaded, set up and the only two things to do were to put away what was in the boxes and call and get the heat on. That was a problem; a big problem.
It was getting colder by the hour. By 5pm it had dropped to 32 degrees and anything that hit the ground and trees weighed heavily on them. Before she knew it, one tree fell to the ground, but it was a huge tree and she said “Well the bigger they are the harder they’ll fall” and didn’t worry about it too much.
Finally the management company called. They told her she’d have her heat within a couple of hours. Just as it came up she heard a huge crashing sound. It vibrated throughout her condo. “What was that” she shouted out loud.
The bulky young woman trudged through her new place. Walking from room to room she came to her room and suddenly she looked up. Coming through the ceiling was a huge branch. It had penetrated her roof, crashed through her ceiling and put a massive hole in it. She was able to see water dripping into her room already.
Then her doorbell rang. Upon hearing it the pudgy 24 year old lumbered out through her upstairs and down to the first floor. Looking out she saw her friendly next door neighbor. She opened it up, escorted him quickly due to the freezing rain and he asked her what the “mighty thud was.”
Wearing a worried look she replied “Ohhh Terry it was a huge branch. IT came right into my bedroom. I don’t know what I’m going to do now. My other place... well I can’t use that. I’ve turned in my keys. I guess I’m going to call a friend and see if I can sleep at one of their places” she told him.
“If it don’t work out then you can sleep at my place ya know. I know that sounds kinda well ya know a little like I’m trying ta hit on ya and all, but I ain’t young lady. I’m just trying ta be right neighborly” the southerner told his new neighbor. “I do have blankets, an extra bedroom and if mine does get damaged then I also have heaters and ya can borrow one of the extra couches I’ve got. We can work something out ya hear.”
She thanked him, showed him the damage upstairs, but both noticed how it was leaking downstairs due to the huge whole in the roof. The tree fell onto the condo and seriously damaged it. She was beside herself and he understood her. Empathizing with her he invited her to his place while she called the management company and her friends.
Her friends had already taken refuge in shelters because of power they lost. They were of no help. Her parents were in the same situation. Everyone she knew had headed towards a shelter and his TV was working and he saw they were filling up fast. Practically everyone around was at capacity. Some outer lying churches were opening up but the roads were impassible due to the ice build up.
Then both heard another crash which came from the same direction. Deciding to check it out, another tree came falling down and hit the hole already created by the bigger tree hence creating an even bigger hole. It snowballed from there. More water was seeping in and again she called her management company. She was fraught with worry. Upset her beds, furniture and other items she just moved in would get damaged she looked at her older neighbor and looked for someone to console her.
He saw that she was upset. He saw tears forming in her eyes. There wasn’t anything he could do other then tell her it would be alright. “It would work out he told her; it always does.”
Looking up at him, she mustered a smile but it was a reassuring one which told him she really believed him. “I know ya don’t believe me young lady, but it will work itself out. Seen it before and I’ll see it again; trust me Ms. Jaynie” he said with confidence in his voice. “Now this is what you can do. I’m gonna be a gentleman. Ya can trust me or my name aint Terry Cotter. Go around and ask anyone in this complex. I’m a good guy.”
“Thanks Terry” she said sniffling as her tears cleared up. A warm smile surfaced on her face and she looked into her neighbors eyes. “I think I really believe what you just said. I feel like I can trust you.”
She collected a few things from her place, went over to his and he showed her around. He showed her where she’d sleep and told her “For safe keeping ya can lock this” referring to her door. “Yep missy ya can go ahead and lock it just so ya can believe I’m not one of those perverts who wants to... well ya know I’m trying ta tell ya.”
She smiled and replied “Yes I do; thank you Terry. You are a really nice man.”
They sat and talked a little before she went off to bed. A couple hours later as both were beginning to drift off too they both heard a crashing sound so loud it scared them. Another tree had fallen but this time it had bounced off of the initial two which fell through her roof and somehow bounced and crashed through his roof, but oddly to their dismay the gas had been shut down too. Coupling that there was a new hole in the condo’s roof and the gas which heated the building had been shut off but they didn’t know why he turned on the TV to get updates on everything.
His place was getting colder by the minute. He went downstairs to the general storage rooms in their basement, hauled out two electric heaters and brought them upstairs. Placing them in the fire place he told her she could have the chair and two blankets while he took the lumpy couch which was due to be replaced.
The temperature dropped the TV said down under 25 degrees. Conditions were worse and no driving was allowed unless it was an emergency. The condo started getting colder and colder and even his heaters weren’t doing the job.
She saw him shivering and he saw her shivering too. With two blankets, a pair of socks and a sweatshirt and sweat pants on, she couldn’t shake being cold. “Right cold in here aint it” he said. “Really sorry about that Jaynie; wish I could do more to keep ya warm.”
“No I know you do Terry; it’s okay but I can feel that cold air coming down from upstairs. That can’t be good can it?”
“Nope you’re right about that” and he turned on the TV again.
“If nothing else works’ one of the stations said “Ya could snuggle up with whoever your with. “It sure will keep you much warmer then you think.”
“Throw out any reservations of staying warm tonight because it isn’t going to happen. The best way and only way” the person on the channel said “is to snuggle with your spouse, mom, dad, boyfriend or girlfriend. You know it isn’t about ‘loving the one your with.’ It is about staying warm if your heat isn’t working.”
Both looked at the guy on TV and laughed hard. They couldn’t believe what they just heard. They looked at one another, laughed some more and looked back towards the TV. He was gone. They cut out to some other weather report and incident in the area.
They looked at one another and in one way or another both thought “The guy has a point.” Then suddenly each looked away sharply. “What am I thinking” she asked herself.
“Oh my god; how could I” he wondered. “That was uncalled for” he said to himself thinking he could snuggle with her and keep himself as well as her warm. “Plus she’s how many years younger?”
Several minutes went by. Jaynie sat on the chair shivering while watching the program on the TV. The same guy came back on. “So did you cuddle up with your mommy or daddy like I suggested” he asked looking right into the camera. “Come on it is a smart thing to do. And it wouldn’t hurt to put a blanket around you look to the person to your left or right and maybe do the same thing. Power’s down all over and it isn’t coming up anytime soon people.”
Terry and Jaynie turned and looked at each other. Jayne was thinking “Is this guy nuts?”
Terry looked at Jayne and said “Listen if you can trust me, I’ve got this huge blanket and you have those two smaller ones and between you and I, two bigger individuals, I do think we would stay warm. No funny business intended of course; I do promise ya that.”
“N-n-nooo” she replied as she shivered in her chair under the blankets. She didn’t like his offer which he understood and knew it was a dumb thing to say to her right off the bat. “I’m co-o-l-d but I... I think I will b-e-e o-k-a-a-y.”
The room got worse. It got colder and colder. He was shivering and she was shaking even worse. 15 minutes passed. 25 minutes passed. 45 minutes passed and she started thinking she couldn’t fell her toes any longer.
She looked at him and he was as bad off as her. Smirking at the other suggested his original offer like the guy on TV suggested seemed more like a reasonable idea. He came on again.
He was wrapped in a blanket too. “See it’s even freezing in here and I’ve got a blanket but it isn’t helping people. Anyone around here want to test out my idea? Anyone care to share their blanket with mine” he asked looking into the camera and all of a sudden a woman walked on screen and sat down next to him.
Unbeknownst to anyone it was his wife. “Wow if my wife finds out about this I am dead meat. What’s your name missy” he asked. She told him and the camera her first name. “Boy if my wife and I ever have you know... marital problems and I end up getting a divorce from her, which I have nooooo intention of doing, would you care to get together? I mean you are a beautiful looking woman with an awesome looking... well I’ll leave it at that mam. I don’t wish to get in trouble with my wife.”
“That guy is crazy isn’t he” Jaynie asked Terry.
“Y-y-e-a-h... y-y-you’re... r-r-right... a-a-bout... th-a-a-t” he replied while his teethed clatter.
“Awwwwwwww Terry... come on... slide over” she told him patting the floor next to her. “We’re going to share blankets... but Terry... nooooo funny business! Do you understand me? None whatsoever... do you hear me?”
“I hear ya... I hear ya” he said while showing all signs he was freezing cold. “I promise you I am the most trustworthy person Ms. Jaynie Alexander. Cross my heart and...”“Okay I trust you” she said as she stood up and wrapped her blanket around her. Smiling without reservation she went on to say “That guy has a point you know... the guy on TV I mean. We are both freezing our asses off aren’t we? ”
Offering one of her blankets to him so he could wrap it around himself she wrapped the other one of hers around herself and they took his large one and wrapped it all the way around both of them while sitting side by side. Neither moved from their spot, but the couch was run down; it was wasn’t com comfortable for either. Eventually both shifted around while accommodating each other.
“Oh god uhhh sorry Jaynie uhhh I didn’t mean to do that. Honestly I didn’t” he said poking the side of her robust boob.
“Oh yeah sure you didn’t” she said to herself.
“That’s okay; no harm no foul” she replied aloud not smiling.
“God I hope he doesn’t do that again” she thought.
“You get comfy first; then I’ll try ta get comfy Jaynie” he said.
“I’ve got a better idea” she said looking at her 50 year old neighbor “let’s get down on the floor, slide close to the heaters and sit near them” pointing towards them.
He looked at her, his eyes widened and thought “You’re brilliant.”
He hopped down on the floor, moved up about 5 feet away from them, opened up the huge blanket and invited her inside it. Smiling, she hopped down against his shoulder. They looked at one another and smiled.
“You’re a smart lady” he told her “and a pretty one as well” I should add. She scowled at him but he apologized hoping she didn’t think he was trying to flirt. “It’s okay Terry but you promised...”
“I know... I knowwwww” he replied hastily “but a guy looks at a woman as pretty as you and what’s he gonna think? He’s gonna say ‘Why aren’t I as lucky as other guys? Why can’t I have a woman as pretty as she is?’ That’s all I’m a sayin’ Jaynie.”
Looking while listening to him she felt a little warmer. Initially she didn’t know if it was him, being closer to the heaters or what he had said. Maybe it was a combination of everything, but one thing she found herself doing was smiling at a newfound friend and neighbor.
“Thank you Terry” she said as she warmed up to him. “That has to be the nicest thing anyone could say. It’s a really nice thing to hear... you are... Terry you’re a very sweet man you know. I guess this is kind of nice. I mean... you offering your home like this to me... letting me...” but then she realized she was cuddling with a com complete stranger. For all she knew he could have pre-planned what was going on and he could be doing it all so subtly that she was simply blind to his ways.
“Terry... I hafta ask you a question... and I need you to be honest with me too. I’m not sure I’m going to get a straight answer from you, but for the sake of... well for my own... well just tell me the truth okay? Are you... well are you trying to seduce me? Ummm are you the least bit attracted to me? I have to know Terry.”
Looking at her after she asked, Terry wasn’t sure how to answer her. Sitting shoulder to shoulder under the blankets he told her “Jaynie... no... I’m not trying ta flirt with ya. That is the god’s honest truth. I mean it, but I will be honest about this.” And he went on to add “I do see ya as a very attractive lady and I won’t lie to ya about that! I mean you are... hmmm how should I put this? You’re a very, very pretty woman. I think ya have lots of attractive features that I love about a woman... like you. I mean I look at your eyes and your smile and your hair too and I like every thing about them that I see. I look at your figure and I like how you umm... look; I mean I like what I see actually. I don’t know Jaynie... how do I wanna put this? I mean I really truly like... or should I even say that? Yeah I love everything about your body from what I see when I saw you standing up. Yeah sitting next to me like you are does make it hard to resist wanting to hold your hand, brush your hair and well you know... you’re so pretty.”
He looked at her while she absorbed everything he told her. She was mesmerized. “Jesus Terry I think you’re flirting. That speech was so eloquent. Yeah I’d say you’re flirting and ya didn’t even try to do it intentionally. Dang it Terry I’m only 24 and you’re what... How old are you by the way... 40 or 45 years old maybe? ”
“What will it matter? Ummm if that’s how old ya want me to be then I am” he said wearing a wry smile.
“Well how old are you Terry? ”
“Will it matter” he added.
“Nooo I guess not; not at this point it’s not gonna matter” she replied.
He didn’t know what it mattered but suddenly the guy on TV came back on air.
“Heya everyone did all of you find yourself someone to snuggle with? Is he or she someone close to you? Mom, dad, spouse or family member cause I know one thing for darn sure... it is c-o-o-o-l-d out there! So if you haven’t found a shelter or can’t with someone to snuggle up with then it’s going to be one long night for you.”
“Well Jaynie you heard the guy. I guess we’re doing it right huh? ”
They looked at one another with blank stares. All of a sudden they started laughing their heads off as each poked at one another. They continued to laugh and felt more at ease with the other.
And before either knew it they were hugging. They were hugging like they were good old friends too. He never intended to do anything of the nature nor did she, but she reached out and wrapped her arms around him and hence he did the same thing to her. It was an automatic reaction to a culmination of things as they hugged for a solid minute or more.
Suddenly they realized what they were doing as she quickly pulled away. Looking into his eyes she tried to figure out how she was feeling after she hugged him. He started to process his feelings too. His eyes roamed around her covered body but of course there wasn’t anything to see.
“Jerry” she began to say slowly “ummm... I don’t know if” and she closed her eyes a moment “well umm... would you.... would you like to... kiss me?”
He gazed into her eyes. He didn’t know if it was what he wanted. He hadn’t even thought about it, but while looking at her he felt a twinge of excitement. He shrugged his shoulders which meant sure yeah why not but he wasn’t sure either.
Jaynie understood what he did but Jaynie felt kissing him too.
“I’ll kiss you if you’ll let me” she said softly. “This is kinda romantic isn’t it? I mean that guy on TV said we should snuggle right? So why not kiss too? It’s only going to be a one time thing... and I think you’re nice and... Well I even think you’re handsome too if that makes you feel better” speaking in the same soft voice but with a big smile.
“Damn girl” he came back. What are you trying to do to me” he exclaimed in a surprised voice. “Are ya trying ta turn me on or something? Cause let me tell you... you’re doing a helluva good job of it.”
“Geez Terry me too” she replied in a quivering tone. “Your turning me on too; so god darn it all... kiss me while we’re in the mood for it. I mean go on... hold me and squeeze me and kiss my lips real passionate like Terry while we’re in the mood okay?”
Terry couldn’t believe his ears and went for it while he had the chance. He went much further then she expected. After he began kissing her he started stroking her belly over the surface of her sweatshirt. She never stopped him from doing it either. It excited both of them.
Her belly was soft. It was rolly. As they kissed she’d murmur sweetly. As close as they already were somehow she found ways to creep closer towards him. Somehow they became warmer then expected.
He felt an energy surge from being with her he never felt. Her hands swarmed him and quickly made their way down under his sweatshirt. She felt his firm but enjoyable bigger gut.
She loved how it felt under the soft palm of her hand.
He lowered his hand so he could feel her hand while it felt his gut. Stopping a moment to say something to her he looked into her eyes. He saw something odd but it was not love he saw. He told himself he’s seen it before. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He knew what he saw in her eyes.
The look was of desire and lust. He knew them immediately! He loved it right off the bat. He didn’t need convincing of it. He told himself he could fulfill her unspoken request. He took her hand. Terry glided it down between his thighs. He was fat but he wasn’t hard quite yet either.
He stopped kissing her again.
Looking to see what her response was, all he saw was the same look of desire and lust. Terry didn’t say a word. He followed his instincts. He pushed down on her soft hand as it flattened out against his limp fat cock. Not hard yet, Terry wished that she would rub him, but she didn’t. Was she scared or worried” he wondered. Was everything getting out of hand? Would it go too far he had asked himself.
He pulled away again and looked into her eyes. There was no fear in them. But there wasn’t any desire or lust suddenly. Was it confusion he wondered? Was she concerned about getting herself in trouble? He didn’t know so he asked.
“What’s bothering you?”
“Umm nothing” she said but her hand didn’t move away from his crotch or limp fat dick. She didn’t push on it but she didn’t do anything else either. “I guess I’m just feeling your... umm well that’s all” she told him.
“Okay whatever you’re happy uhhh doing ummm makes me happy” he replied with a warm smile.
“Terry, uhhh would it be alright if I... well umm never mind; just never mind.”
“Nooo ask me; go ahead and ask me whatever you want to” he insisted.
“Ohhhh okay” as she looked into his eyes “do I uhhh turn you on? Am I really that pretty to you that I’m exciting to you? I mean umm... am I uhhhh sexy to you?”
He nodded his head yes while at the same time told her “You are very, very sexy Jaynie. Honest to god you really are sexy.” He looked her directly in the eyes adding “You’re so sexy that... that I am... well I want to... well I feel like I could... I could eat... Geez Jaynie I’d love to eat you out if you’d let me. There I said it.”
“Ohhhhhhhhh myyy god really” she screamed. “Ohhhh god Terry... do it then! Eat me out... I mean eat out myyy... ohhh freaking god Terry! Eat my pussy out will you? Please will you” as her eyes shut tight. Suddenly Jaynie was full of erotic desire. Hormonal blasts discharged with in her. She began quaking and quivering wildly within screaming excitedly “Ohhh fuck Terry do it do me Terry” and she ripped off her sweat pants for him.
He looked down in shock. There staring back up at him was her gorgeous and wide loaf of fat lying just underneath her belly but tucked nicely inside her hot pink pair of underwear!
All Terry thought was “Rip them off, pull her down and dive hard and dive deep!” He envisioned his head buried in between her set of large sexy and smooth thunderous thighs which were willing and able to give him his glory land.
“Ohhhhh shit girly girl... you are.... ohhh god you’re amazing! I never thought you and I would ever end up this way. Never in a million years did I think that Jaynie girl. Ohhh my god you are... they are... ohhh shit Jaynie I can’t tell you how...”
“Come on Terry pull them off” she shouted. “Feel how hot I am inside! Go on... stick your fingers in me Terry” she screamed wildly. “Ohhhh fuck yes... feel me any way you wanna! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god” she screamed again as her eyes closed. Ohhh god yeah yeahhhh” she screamed again as she hyperventilated.
Terry didn’t stick one nor two, but he shoved three fingers inside her wet and hot pussy. She wasn’t only turned on a little, Jaynie was hornier then hell at that point.
“Fuck Terry ohhh fuck ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god Terry.... ohhhh god owww eeeh ohhh eeeh eeeeeeh” she yelled as he slowly began shoving his whole fist up inside her fat sexy tenderloin. Her fat and large juicy pussy was incredibly erotic! She slid down to the ground spreading herself out wider as her eyes closed tightly. Holding his couch and Terry too, she yelped or squealed with pleasure as his fist enjoyed her squishy hot tenderloin of a cunt. Jaynie began bucking up and down as his fist around her hole.
Meanwhile Terry knelt smiling while watching her face. He started feeling a yearning to taste her juicy oozing pussy at that point.
Terry yearned to know what it would be like to have his tongue deep inside her warm succulent tenderloin. Pulling his hand out of her hole, he quickly went down on his belly to start digging deep between her fat rolling thighs.
“Ohhh thank you... ohh god yes thank youuuuu! Ohhh yeah ohhh wow god yes yesssss ohh myyy... ohhh Terry more, more yes lots more” she kept screaming and shouting as if she was out of breath.
Pushing herself into his mouth he could feel the phenomenal overwhelming flesh wedging against his face as his tongue passionately dug deeper and deeper. Wedge between her flabby thighs and cunt he felt himself hardening. He felt trembling throughout his body. Her ripe tenderloin was majestic! He kept telling himself over and over that he wasn’t going to stop until she climaxed.
“Eeeeeeeehh ohhh eeeh ahhh ohh yeah... that is soooo... oh fuck Terry! Oh yeah yeahhhh... you gotta... yeah you gotta fuck... Terry you hafta fuck me” she screamed suddenly
“And I mean you hafta fuck me now” she demanded. “Ohh ahhh eeeh eeeeh yeah yeahh ohh god yeahhh... I need it nowwww Terry now please? I need you to fuck me with your fat cock” she screamed. “It’s sooooo ohhh god it’s so good you...”
Terry pulled off his sweats and underwear as she watched it come to life. It was hard enough to put into action and she wondered what it would feel like once it became fully hard.
He straddled himself over her massive wide curves and smiling as he did. She smiled back as she watched him and his fat erection found their way between her succulent rotund thighs.
Scooting closer he realized he wanted her to suck him off first. She noticed what his intention was as he scooted further up towards her face. Smiling, her eyes widened while her heart began to thump harder. Jaynie became hornier and crazier by the second.
Looking at it and its suddenly thick size she didn’t know if she could get all of it in her mouth and down her throat so she started to lick it only. He looked at her weird wondering why she wasn’t putting her mouth on it.
Did he want too much too soon? Was he expecting more then he should? Was she not interested in putting her mouth on some large but ugly disease infested elongation?
He watched her as she licked on only the tip of it. It already stood on its own. So hard and so erect it didn’t need any help being held up. It was soon becoming a downer she didn’t seem interested in embracing its erotic beauty or so that was how he looked at it. He wanted to know what was wrong or why it was going as expected.
Quietly and as modestly as he could he asked her “Jaynie is something wrong?”
Pulling away from his firm fat cock and looking up, but no real sign of distress she paused before answering.
“Is it gross or something? I mean do I... is something wrong about all this?”
Still she paused but he saw a glimmer of sadness in her eyes.
“I... I can’t do... I can’t do it Terry?”
Not sure what to say he didn’t want to ask why not. He didn’t want to say what can you do? He didn’t want to imposition her by asking if she’d like to have sex instead of sucking on him because she might not even want that.
“It’s okay” he said trying to empathizing with her “but can I ask a question?”
“Yeah okay” she replied.
“Will you tell me what it is you can’t do” as he shrugged his shoulders.
“I... well I can’t suck on it. I can’t have... I can’t have sex with you” she said as her voice trailed off and her eyes closed. When they opened she was looking down and away. “Terry... you are a really... you’re a really great guy. You’re a really good-looking guy too. It isn’t why I’m not able to do this right now.”
“Okay” is all he said looking at her.
Finally she looked up. Finally she looked him in the face, but then she looked at his stiff fat cock. “It is... It’s actually awe... well it’s actually amazing and awesome and a huge turn on to me but” and she closed her eyes again “I wanna do everything with you in a more intimate way; a more intimate setting Terry. I just don’t want a one nighter. I want to fuck like there’s no tomorrow but I wanna do it all the time too. I wanna do it when everything is absolutely perfect.”
“Can we see how things go and wrap up under the blankets for now? I’d really love that Terry. I’d love to feel you and have you feel me too, but I don’t want sex for the sake of sex... or maybe I do. I don’t know for sure” she said with a discouraging expression.
“I know... I know and god Jaynie... that’s whats so sexy about you too I think. I mean I could lie down with you, touch you all day long and then kiss you everywhere and I mean everywhere any time you’d like.”
The station which they were watching came on again. It wasn’t a regular local station. The guy who had been on that night came back wearing a huge smile. “Heyyyy everyone what’s happening? Man what great night this is isn’t it? I know yeah I know you’re yelling at me saying ‘Are ya freakin’ nuts or what?’ Yep that’s what you’re saying or screaming out to me. Let me tell you what’s so great about it. My wife comes from our house, sits and snuggles with me and guess what happened from there? That’s right... you know it. We snuck out, turned on my big ass truck and well you make up the rest of the story. You knowwww what? That’s what you could be doing too if you think about it” and the guy winked to the camera as his wife walked back and sat by him and held his hand. “My wife gotta love her... I think I’ll keep her” he said as she giggled and kissed his cheek.
“Wow Terry that guys got balls doesn’t he saying that on TV. Hey maybe we can go out to one of our cars and...” she started giggling.
“Not a bad idea, but lets lie here if you want and snuggle instead okay? That’s what I’d like if you would too.”
They lay on the floor holding each other as he kissed her head and cheek. She’d smile at him often knowing she’d love to take off the rest of her clothes but it was entirely too cold even with two heaters keeping the room relatively warm.
Out of nowhere he felt her warm hand caressing his limp fat cock. His eyes widened but he smiled at her to acknowledge he approved and was willing to let her do anything she pleased. Then she felt her other hand grab hold of one of his hands. She drew it down over her soft fleshy fat just above her hairy pussy.
Quietly she asked “You like that part of me do you; the smaller fatty area?”
“Oh yeah... I sure do” he replied modestly. “It’s sexy and a real turn on.”She felt his cock stiffen immediately after he told her that. Her head popped up subtly and she smiled to let him know she was pleased with the “result.” He smiled back as he petted her bush and ever her warm hole but didn’t penetrate it.
“It’s okay” she said. “I mean if you wanna feel me... you know... down inside? Well go ahead... I’d like that and tell you what? I’d like to... well I think I wanna...” but she lowered her head and then finished saying “I’d love to suck you off now if you’ll...”
“It isn’t necessary; don’t feel like ya have to Jaynie.”
“But I wanna Terry; I really honestly wanna. This is all so romantic and I’m... well I am... horny again” and she smiled to let him know how she felt. She touched his lips and then slid her hand down to the base of his sweatshirt and slid it up inside his lumpy stomach and chest. “I really like this” she said referring to his tubby upper body.
Before long they knew full well they fully enjoyed each others company. They loved being in the presence half-naked or not and felt com comfortable with the other touching them anywhere they please even though it hadn’t occurred. She was prepared to even suck him off, but as they lay together feeling or holding one another, she drifted off to sleep.
He loved everything about her. He enjoyed her personality, her soft rolling tummy, oversized boobs, ample luscious fat along side of her boobs all the way down around the sides of her tummy and into her curvy round extra-large butt. Topping it all off she had a perfect set of smooth but engorged thighs he told himself he could die for.
Thinking about her that way only drove him crazier about her and what she wanted to offer up to him. He heard a snoring pattern and realized she fell asleep. Not wanting to disturb her he pulled away and sat on the couch while she slept half naked under two blankets.
Sitting and watching her or looking outdoors while the freezing rain came down he began to think deeply about the two of them. Thinking about being with her 24/7, naked and walking around his place that way any time she wished filled his mind. Picturing her in a bra and underwear only as she waddled happily through each room as she pleased put him in deep thought.
Before he realized it Terry was sitting at the edge of his couch, hand on his cock and ticking the underside of his softened fat shaft. He aroused himself gradually. He gazed outside as he pictured her traipsing around in nothing but cute looking underwear. All he did was make himself hornier.
His sift limp dick became harder and harder. He felt the intensity between his thighs slowly begin to pound and tremble while stroking his fat but semi-hard cock slowly turn into a full-fledged sweltering erection.
Terry realized what he had done as he sat thinking and went from stroking himself outside his sweatpants to shoving his hand down inside them. He then started stroking himself on the outside of his underwear and felt an even more intense sensation of heightened arousal. Closing his eyes he pictured the two of them sitting together while she wrapped her arms around him and stroked his cock.
Finally he did what he had to do. Terry looked outside, down at Jaynie and then removed his sweats and underwear. Looking at it was fun. He loved how big and fat it was. He gripped it and started to stroke it.
Slowly he went up and down his hardened shaft while he breathed deeply.
“Ooooooohh” he said in a whisper. “Ohhhhhh wow” he added again quietly. He continued to wank himself slowly enjoying the feelings he got from masturbating. “Whooaa yeah ooooohh” he said quietly.
He didn’t see her. She lay motionless not realizing he wasn’t lying next to her. He was fixated on the outdoor weather. Ice hung off branches everywhere. Branches hung low everywhere he looked. Nothing whatsoever registered except Jaynie and her naked body in his mind.
Wanking a little more quickly he began to feel the intensity building up between his thick thighs. “Ohhhhh yeah” he said a tad louder. “Mmmmm I wish she was doing this” he said almost whispering.
“Doing what Terry” he heard her say. He stopped suddenly. She hadn’t looked up or around. He pulled up his undies and sweats immediately. Finally she looked up catching him in the act almost. “What are you doing” she asked looking up from the floor. “Terry are you... is everything alright” she asked half asleep. She wasn’t sure what she saw but it looked like he could have been jacking off. She didn’t have a clue quite yet.
Finally it dawned on her. Her eyes widened. She got on her knees, closed in on him and pulled his sweats and underwear down. “Wow Terry” she said as her eyes became even bigger. Geez... ummm have you... what were you...” and she looked. “Why didn’t you wake me up honey? You know I’d be willing to do that for you. I just told you that a minute ago.”
“But why... how did you... when did you... Oh my god I was dreaming! I was dreaming about you and me. We were... you know... just about to umm get it on” she said in a groggy tone. I was about to suck that off actually” she went on to say shutting and opening her eyes so she could wake up.
“Ummm are you still interested even though it was a dream” he asked blindly.
Finally awake and with all senses working she stared at him and his crotch. “Sure why not? Why wouldn’t I for a great guy like you” she said happily. “Here let me do the honors, but are we gonna have...”
“Sex... by all means we’re gonna have sex. How could I ever pass up a beautiful sexy offer and woman like you Jaynie? Huh how could I” he asked. “I you... I mean to make love with a gorgeous human being with a gorgeous body like yours... ohhhhhhhhhh lord Jaynie.... I’d hafta be a ignoramus to turn down an opportunity like this. God I love you!”
“I love you too Terry Cotter... so give me that sexy slab of prime rib and let me do my stuff” she said laughing briefly. He held it out as if showing it off and she took hold of it with grace and dignity.
Daintily placing his hard fat slab in between her fingers she progressed slowly up the hardened shaft with her tongue extended as though she was cleaning it up first. She smiled all the way up and all the way down. She twisted sideways to get underneath as he scooted closer to the edge like he was intending for her to even lick his sack.
Soon enough she was practically turned upside down and it was exactly where her tongue headed towards. Cooing and murmuring each enjoyed themselves with him loving how she delicately danced along is fat shaft with her tongue and Jaynie finally taking pleasure in having the elderly mans cock for dinner and dessert.
“Ohh whoa yeah Jaynie... you’re a... oh man you’re so... this is sooooo good baby! It feels awe... ohhh shit yeah yeahhhh oh wow Jaynie” he said excitedly. He watched how she twirled her tongue around one way and then another. Watching her turn sideways and then upside down while her tongue seemingly wash him up was erogenous.
As she finally came to the tip she didn’t stop to look up for approval and Jaynie took his cock in hand and before he realized it she swallowed him all the way in gagging as it disappeared.
But Terry felt her sucking him hard and he cried out so loud that it drowned out everything else making noise including his TV. As she sucked him off he clumsily reached for the controller to shut it off and the room suddenly took on a surreal sense of lust and intimacy.
Sucking it, slurping it only electrified his shaft more! She was driving him to the point of no return! He noticed she started to slide her hand inside her own sweatshirt as he watched closely.
Jaynie was feeling her own boobs even though they were both freezing cold. Suddenly she took it off! Right before his very own eyes were two of the seven wonders of his world. But there were more wonders lying in the presence of him too.
Her rolling lines of flab which hung from the svelte young lady heightened his already exhilarated arousal! She continued to suck his cock while she felt her own breasts and looked up into his face.
Finally he had enough. She had more then thrilled him. She more then fulfilled his fantasies at that point and he lifted her off the floor.
“Why... what... what are you... what’s going on” she asked.
Happily gazing into her face he told her “You’re amazing Jaynie but I need to do this for you.” Reaching behind her he undid her bra. Lifting it up he put it to his face taking a deep whiff of it as he smiled merrily.
Smiled after the long deep inhaling of what it smelled like he looked towards the young neighbor and told her “Do you know there isn’t one thing... absolutely nothing about you I don’t... that I don’t crave or yearn for? ”
The tone in which he told her was as romantic as any she had ever heard. He said it in such a suave manner that Jaynie’s body filled up with goose bumps. His tone and manner suddenly was erotic. He looked so sophisticated but equally as hungry for all out unbridled sex.
“I want you Terry Cotter. I want you to” and she paused a split second while closing her eyes too and as she opened them back up she saw him smiling as she went on to say “make the most incredible love to me. Take that wondrous cock, shove it inside here Terry and... Ohhhh god please Terry please fuck me... fuck my pussy hard Terry” she pleaded desperately. “Fuck me like you haven’t had sex in months or years Terry” she began screaming louder. “Do me harder then you ever have in your life!”
She sounded breathless. She sounded beautiful. He looked upon her all over. She was so delicious! She was so succulent! Rolls and curves flawlessly placed everywhere on her large rolly frame. She was cherubic. She was desirable. He wanted to bite into her and savor everything he could.
“Ohhh god Jaynie” he cried out suddenly. She looked into his eyes. Something wasn’t right. “Jaynie ohhh Jayne” he said again crying out.
She took his hands pulling him down on top of her as if preparing to receive his cock in her hot, juicy and large pussy. She felt a serious sense of urgency. She was in a lust-filled stupor at that point. She was focusing on receiving his hardened fat cock in her juicy, hot and horny piece of luscious tenderloin.
Suddenly she felt it. Suddenly she felt a tugging. All of a sudden she felt some resistance and didn’t understand. As she was lying down and pulling him down on her and feeling the very tip of his stiff cock pushing against her flabby flesh she also felt him resisting her requests to have sex with her.
He knew he couldn’t but how could he tell the beautiful, sweet and breathtaking Jaynie. She pulled him atop her cushiony flab. She knew something wasn’t entirely right, but as much as she yearned for him, as horny as she was and as much as she yearned for his cock and sex something in the back of her mind kept clicking.
Still her maddening desires for great earth shattering sex with her awesome friend, neighbor and mature lover. He was amazing. He was sweet. He was sexy. He thought she was even sexier. He was desirable and his cock was too much to pass up on a night like that so Jaynie grabbed his piece and slowly found the opening to her gratuitous land of endless pleasure and Terry’s sizzling hard cock vanished within it.
“Owwwwwww” she first screamed out. “Ohhhh yes yess” she called out again. “Ohh Terry Terrrrrry yessss ohhh yesssssss” she chanted magnificently in his ear.
She didn’t see his face. She felt his fattened cock in her and bells and whistles went off everywhere as she squeezed and tightened up all over. He lie atop her plump curvy body. Terry didn’t move. She tried humping him as if to signify she wanted him to commence having fruitful sex, but he didn’t.
Terry couldn’t do it. “Terry honey I’m more then ready” she said in a sweet endearing tone.
“I know and so am I Jayn...”
Looking at his face suddenly the inner fears she initially thought she felt surfaced. “Terry what is it” she asked quietly. “What’s wrong Terry” she asked in a meager voice. She pressed down on his back as he crushed her body momentarily. She wanted him; she wanted him terribly. She wanted it horribly. Her body yearned for it, but she started to realize it wasn’t going to happen.
“I want you in the worst way Jaynie. I think... no I know deep in my heart that you are the most beautiful and the sweetest woman in the world but you are the sexiest woman in the world too Jaynie Alexander...”
“But what Terry Cotter... what’s really going on” she said as his cock began to shrink up and release itself from her incredibly sexy cunt. “Ohhhh god ohhhhhh god you’re... ohhh my god you’re married aren’t you” she asked.
“Damnit Terry... god damn you” she said as tears developed. Why in the hell would you ever do that...”
“I’m almost divorced Jaynie he said interrupting her and I’m almost sure I’m sterile too and that’s why I couldn’t or can’t have sex with you until after... well after next week. That’s if...” and he started to tear up himself “if you will still want to be with me Jaynie Alexander.”
Immediately she began dressing. Putting on her panties, her bra and her sweats she sat on the chair and wrapped a blanket around herself. Wearing a scowl she looked at the ground. He didn’t say a word to her and neither did she. Upset with the circumstances she really didn’t know the whole story behind his predicament.
He is a recovering alcoholic who had a relapse a year ago and met another woman who was drunk at a bar in Vegas. That relapse led to a marriage to a woman he didn’t know. The woman was trying to get money form him and that’s where it became complicated. He won his case but the final divorce wouldn’t occur until next week.
Trying to speak to her he told her his life’s story briefly. “... and she didn’t like that I was sterile Jaynie. That hasn’t been proven entirely either.”
“But you’re 50 years old Terry” she finally said looking up at him. “Why wouldn’t you know that by now?”
Because for the first 45 years of my life I was messed up. It wasn’t until 10 years ago that I finally put myself into a rehab center and stopped drinking altogether. That was until two years ago when I was in Vegas. I screwed up. I made a huge mistake. I fucked up big time and when I was gambling, I took one drink. I took another drink but I was winning and I was winning big time. I made... well I’m going to tell you because I think you’re special. I made upwards to about $800, 000; can ya believe that?”
She stared at him; she was in disbelief. She didn’t question him. She didn’t ask him what he did with the money. It wasn’t her business. She only asked one thing. “Did you and that woman have sex?”
“Yes we had sex” he replied. “We used or I used protection even though I was drunk for some unknown reason if that makes you feel better. The next day once we sobered up we knew immediately we made a mistake and the rest is history, but she learned she could get my winnings and I called my lawyer immediately. I lost 100, 000 my attorneys and accountant, but the rest is invested.”
“Jaynie... I want you to know something. I’m as sober as you. I’ve been sober for 10 years. I haven’t made a mistake and if we had sex tonight, if we made love tonight... Jaynie it never would have been a mistake.” Shaking his head no he added “Making love to you would have been wonderful, gratifying and the most lovely experience of my life. I have no children I’ve never been married other then that one incident and if I ever did anything right... making love to you would have been one of them. I am damn sure of it okay?”
There was a long pause after he told her about his life. She looked out his sliding glass door for a while. He didn’t say a word; he only watched her. She gazed upon winters’ harsh wonders as the freezing rain continued to come down.
She began to feel the cold air again in the room, but it didn’t bother her any longer. For a while she remained silent while not looking at him. Different expression washed up on her face, but disappeared quickly none of which said she was okay with everything he said to her; not even the part when he told her she was beautiful and sexy.
He had put on his clothes, but she didn’t recognize his movement and he felt he let her down somewhat, but told himself how beautiful and amazing she still was. Everything about her echoed marvelous praise in his thoughts. He wished he knew how to tell her concisely exactly how much he adored, enjoyed and loved her.
He stood up, walked out of the room and temporarily vanished. Finally she realized he had disappeared. Looking towards her right she wondered where he went, but she didn’t say anything. Gazing back out the window she decided to stand up.
She took off her sweats, wrapped his huge blanket around her covering her entirely. Hoping he’d understand her intentions she walked towards the light in the other room. There he sat with paper and pen staring at a blank piece. There were a few crumpled up papers already surrounding him.
Jaynie reached around him; startling him she opened one of the crumpled pieces. She started to read what he wrote. Setting it aside, she picked up another and read that one. He looked at her while she read what he tried to write. Laying that one aside she did the same until she read the other two he attempted to write.
“Terry Cotter” she began to say as she broke the silence in the room “this is going to show you how much I love you and really want you” and she dropped the large blanket to the floor.
There in front of him stood Jaynie all alone in her bra and seemingly undersized underwear. Tufts of flab protruding and hanging everywhere with unbelievable curves highlighting a body full of astoundingly gorgeous loaves of portly flesh.
His heart and soul drooled. His libido rocketed. His pulse soared as his eyes expanded as a brilliant smile appeared quickly. Turning his chair around he quickly pulled her down on his lap. Pulling her against him he instantly began kissing her with great passion.
She pulled herself against him offering her lips up as a sacrifice to let him know she knew she craved a man over twice her age. He was nice, gentle, loving and handsome. He was awesome, funny and sexy. He was everything and more and he could kiss better then anyone she had ever kissed in her life.
They tugged pulled at the other. Breathing seemed mask all other sounds in the condo and any other wild noises outdoors. Terry’s cock amazingly turned hard and she felt it immediately.
Shifting left and right or forwards and backwards she let it be known she wanted it when he was willing. She not only loved how it felt scraping her between her thighs and up against her panties, but she lusted for it again anyway he so pleased to allow her to have it.
They kissed and kissed and kissed. Before he realized it her tender fat tongue was deep inside his mouth. She drove him crazy. He was mad with desire. His fat erection stung him while throbbing violently. He wanted her every which way possible. He wanted to feel her all over. He wanted to kiss her everywhere. He yearned to pull of her bra and lick the spectacular mounds surrounding her fat bosoms.
Terry wanted to squeeze her everywhere. He was hungry for her body. He was desperate to show her how amazingly sexy she was in his mind. He wanted to consume her every possible way.
Not only did he want to eat her out but he wanted to nibble her cute and sexy thighs. He wanted to tell her how he’d love to eat them up and swallow her whole. He wanted to do that to her squishy and loveable mounding knoll right above her pussy. It was his little imaginary grab bag. He wanted to tell her how sexually arousing that part of her was to him.
Kissing and hugging and holding her was a dream come true. Age was of no importance. He never saw it as a factor. This was lust. This was love. This was a mutual adoration between to compatible souls needing one another’s company on a difficult night shared by many and these two found love and lust on a otherwise horrible evening in the shadows of his apartment.
Kissing fervently as the sound of heavy breathing filled the room around them everything began to feel like it was warming up around them. No longer did she feel as though she was freezing; nor did he.
Taking his sweatshirt he lifted it up, placed it over her head and she was suddenly underneath his top with him. They gazed into the others eyes as a smile met a smile. Happiness mushroomed all around them as did desire.
Inside his sweatshirt and against his body he could feel her bosoms and she felt his large soft upper body. She smiled and kissed his lips. Neither spoke a word as she moved about his fat hard cock. He became hornier and hornier as he was closer to cumming then she realized. It was fun for her because it turned her on too, sliding over her enlarged clit.
Both finally moaned quietly as she turned him on as well as herself but suddenly he couldn’t stand it any longer and accidentally he exploded thunderously.
Terry blew his load right on the spot while she sat easing herself around over his excited and fattened erection. She felt the flood of warmth blowing against her warm panties. Her eyes looked at him in a state of shock. “Did he just...” she thought. “Ohhh nooo Terry noooo” she cried out softly.
He couldn’t help himself. She had turned him on way too much by rubbing herself over his already excited cock. She was too much. Her awesome large figure, tightly wrapped inside his sweatshirt along with him, turned him on and he couldn’t hold off. Terry cummed hard letting out like roaring thunder.
Instantly she felt it as it seeped into her panties. Before he could do anything it was over and done with. His majestic and warm creamy froth was on its way between him, his sweats, her underwear and around the edge of her aroused pussy.
“Ohhhhhhh my god ohhhhhhhhhh myyyy god what just happened Terry” she asked shockingly. “How... how did that... ohhh Terry how did that happen” she cried out slightly disappointed. “I wanted us... I wanted you and me to... Ohhh Terry” she cried out. I wanted you and I to... I know we couldn’t but I could have... we could have done it... I’m sooo so sorry” she told him.
“I’m sorry Jaynie” he quickly replied. “It was my fault not yours baby. It’s my fault. You’re so sexy and so fantastic I just couldn’t help myself sweetheart. Oh you are so darn sexy it is impossible to tell you... it is virtually impossible to explain to you how much you mean to me and how sexy you are” he said as his eyes looked down.
Staring at his downward head she was speechless. He was too but as intimate as their situation was; with both under his large sweatshirt and chest to chest he decided to try something special.
She felt him moving around. Suddenly he started moving her around so she faced away. Bracing herself so she wouldn’t fall off her hugged her closely. She wrapped her arms around his romantically. All of a sudden he slid a hand down inside her panties and began fingering the love of his life.
One finger, two fingers and then three slid inside her juicy hole. She was hot. She was moist. She was seeping. Finding her clit, Terry rubbed it generously. He rubbed it delicately. He kissed her neck while continuing to rub her. She moaned and they grew stronger and more frequent. Again she shifted all over his lap. She moved often. Growing more anxious and more excited her moans and groans matured into squealing.
Quietly he asked how she was. “Damn Terry you’re... I’m sooo... ohhh god damn I wanna orgasm baby! I wanna orgasm badly. I want you in me too” she cried out. He knew she did but he couldn’t do that he told himself.
“Ohh I’m soooo horny honey I could go any... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhh yeahhh yeahhhh” she screamed climaxing while jerking herself all around his lap. “Eeeeh ahhh ohhh god yeah ohhh” she shouted over and over. With eyes shut tight and knowing it was only his fingers tantalizing her cunt she shouted again “Yeah baby keep doing that; keep fucking me like that. Yeah baby yeahhhh; ohhh fuck yeah” and then every thing went dead silent.
She oozed and slumped over momentarily. Finally she said in a whisper “Let’s go in the other room. Thank you for being the most wonderful man in my life. Thank you Terry” she said trying to turn around to see his face.
Sitting behind her he was full of himself. He was smiling from ear to ear. “You are so very welcome. Do you wanna know something?”
“Yeah sure I do” she replied.
“I’d sure love to be your husband if I was twenty years younger ya know. I could make love to you every night of the week ya know. I wish... well I wish I would have that opportunity in life to have a woman as nice and as beautiful as you are. That would com complete me. That always seems to be what I’ve been missing all these years is a...” but he left off there.
She thought about his words and if asked she told herself she’d probably accept his proposal, but all things considered he was much too old for her and she could find a guy just like him but much younger too, but she loved him and his ways and he was the sweetest guy she ever met she told herself.
Standing up, she grabbed her blanket, took his hand and he followed her. Suddenly they felt a rush of hot air and listened and realized the furnaces were up and running. Heat had been restored, but there was serious damage to her condo and she had nowhere to go but her family’s house.
Lying by the heaters until the condo warmed up they fell asleep side by side and half naked. He caressed her continuously while kissing her neck and various other erogenous areas. She coo and murmur frequently.
Jokingly she said “You’re just trying to get in my panties again aren’t you? Aren’t ya trying to get in my panties again?”
“After next week I will be... if you’re still interested in me.”
“I think I will be... nooooo I know I’ll be interested in that” she replied while squeezing his limp fat cock.

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