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The Britney Spears Sex Tape Scandal

The Britney Spears Sex Tape Scandal

Pop star wildbritney.blogspot Britney Spears has been through plenty of bad press lately. Enough to last most celebrity's a lifetime. However, after Britney's much publicized travails, with what seemed to be a nervous breakdown, a long custody battle, and a visit to rehab, Britney Spears appeared to be getting her life back to normal recently. The young singer has been busy recently recording the "Womanizer", a video for her newest album and looked to be keeping out of trouble (for awhile anyway). Of course Britney Spears can never seem to avoid negative attention for very long. And now it appears that a Britney Spears sex tape has once again surfaced. This time, the stars ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib is believed to be in possession of a sex tape. Some time ago, there was another Britney Spears sex tape controversy with Britney and another mystery lover, as well as her ex Kevin Federline. Several days ago, Adnan was seeking a buyer for his Britney Spears sex tape, say he would only accept a "locked in deal." But now Ghalib is denying he ever even possessed a Britney Spears sex tape. Now saying he is sorry that any speculation about the sex tape has hurt his family. The whole Britney Spears sex tape scandal has me wondering why society places so much importance on the singer, and her every move. And how could Britney, as a mother, and a role model for young girls, be so careless to be involved in not one, but several, sex tape scandals? It makes me wonder if the whole scandal (or hoax) wasn't just dreamed up to put the spotlight on Britney as she promotes her new album and begins her comeback tour. Because in truth, the news of a Britney Spears sex tape is just the kind of story to draw a lot of interest in her again (the existence of a sex tape certainly boosted the popularity of other stars like Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton.) Then when the wildbritney.blogspot Britney Spears sex tape never surfaces, and Britney seems like an innocent victim of an vindictive ex boyfriend, it will create public sympathy for her. Lover of life.

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