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Same Gender Marriage Article

Caught - Sex Story

Caught - Sex Story

By Helen - Feb 20, 2008 - From group-sex- stories. Group sex stories - Views - 31651 I would like to share with you something that happened to me recently, I still can’t believe it happen but at the time I really enjoyed it and I’d never done anything like it before.I had packed my hubby off to work then as arranged went round to my mum’s house to wait for a parcel to be delivered while she went out for the day; I was wearing a grey round necked woollen jumper with no bra, brown corduroys and white trainers I looked so plain. I arrived just as she was leaving and after the briefest of, Hellos and Goodbyes I closed the front door behind her and desperate for the loo, turned and made my way up the stairs.
I started to unzip myself as I climbed the stairs and had them and my knickers down as I sat on the loo; I used up what was left of the toilet roll and standing up, changed the roll dropping the old one in the bin. Just as I clip the new one in place, to my surprise the door opens and some bloke walks in a few feet. He stopped in his tracks on seeing me. I know the bloke, he was a mate of one of my brothers who was in the army, he would stay the odd night, anyway I can’t put a name to him, but he is well fit and to my horror I realise I am standing there with my cords and knickers down and my pussy is in full view, I freeze to the spot feeling my face reddening as he scans me up and down and makes a point of studying my pussy, he looks into my eyes and smiles embarrassingly at me. I don’t know what to do or say as we stand looking at each other, he eventually takes a few paces towards me, looking into my eyes he grins and his right hand slips between my legs onto my pussy, shocked I just part my thighs slightly as his fingers slide through my hair and he feels my pussy lips. He slips a finger along my lips slightly parting them, he rubs me for a moment.
I go with the flow as he kneels in front of me and guides me down onto the edge of the toilet seat, he pushes my feet back and spreading my thighs apart buries his face between my legs to my delight. I feel his tongue licking my slit and then his thumbs easing my lips open, he slips his tongue inside me and licks and sucks on my soft flesh sending tingles through my body and making me dampen very quickly. I relax against the cistern thinking this was very naughty but very nice as he pushes two fingers up me and continues licking and sucking my now hot pussy.
I whimper and moan as he brings me to a climax quickly, I feel my juice trickling out of me and his fingers squelching around my hole, he wraps his arms under and around my thighs keeping them spread. He keeps licking my hole and sucking on my clit sending electric pluses through my body, I try to squeeze my legs shut but his grip on me prevents much movement and I whimper and groan with delight as he makes me come twice more. I reluctantly push him away content with having had an unexpected but fantastic licking, I grin at him as he starts backing away undoing his trousers.
I watch him all the time expecting and now wanting him to pull me onto the floor and fuck me senseless as he pushes his trousers and boxers down revealing his hard cock, but he sits on a small chest that is used for towels, saying, Will you suck me now”. I stand and I pull my knickers and cords up without doing them up, moving towards him I look at his hard cock deciding that I was going to try to swallow after that licking he’d just given me.
I kneel admiring his thick cock; I grip it and start to move my hand backwards and forwards grasping him firmly working it the full length, I cup his balls with my left hand and continue to wank him slowly. He groans as I gently start to lick the end of his dick, then he squirms with pleasure as I slowly take his dick into my mouth slowly circling the tip of it with my tongue, I lick every inch of his cock before taking it into my mouth again, he groans as I slid my mouth backwards and forwards down the whole length of his cock increasing my pace until I am bobbing up and down making him moan.
I tease him by stopping and starting the process again. To my surprise, the door swings open and a second lad enters the room and looks down at us shocked, I pause and look up at him, I do not know him, I feel the embarrassment on my face again but first lad thrusts his cock and says, Just my mate, suck me”, so I return to sucking. I can’t hear what the lads are saying as I keep my mind on sucking, but second lad hovers for a few minutes then kneels behind me, his right hand pushes up between my legs and I spread my legs as he rubs on my pussy, then his left starts tugging at my trousers, I lose concentration for a moment as he pulls my knickers and trousers down and his fingers get inside my wet pussy straight away. He thrusts his fingers around my hole and he soon finds my tits with his other hand, he pulls squeezes and holds them still thrusting his fingers up me as I suck. After a few minutes I push my buttocks back feeling lad behind rubbing his hard cock against my lips indecisively, keeping the first lads cock in my mouth, I quickly hold second lads cock with my right hand and happily guide his cock between my wet excited lips; I release him and he pushes all the way in making me groan and he starts pumping me with a steady rhythm it was something else having somebody different inside me while I sucked on the first lad. It was great having a big cock in my mouth and in my pussy. I am unable to concentrate on sucking as I get well fucked from behind, I cum so much my pussy is drenched, I let things continue for a minute then decide to stop and swap around, I turn around and I take second lad into my mouth tasting my own juice on him offering my pussy to the first, he rams his thick, rock hard cock in me and starts fucking me hard holding my hips calling me filthy names that turn me on even more. Getting a good pounding from behind, I grab hold of the arse cheeks of the lad I am sucking and digging my nails in I get him to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth rapidly as I suck and lick, his cock slips down my throat and he suddenly moans, he grabs the back of my head and I have no choice but to swallow as he shoots in my mouth and down my throat, at the same time, I feel the other lad throbbing and spraying his stuff like a hosepipe up my pussy, making me cum adding to his goo, I am com completely thrilled feeling them empting their balls into my mouth and pussy at the same time. Both lads pull their limp cocks out of me, I sit up on my heels and look at the two lads as they do themselves up, with slime trickling down my chin, dripping and hanging out my pussy along with mine onto the floor I smile at the two lads, I felt like a slut but also really good, they return my smile making my wet sticky pussy throb again telling me I could have another pussy and mouth fucking later if I fancied it, I did and said I’d put a skirt on for them, then they made their excuses and left me to clean up and ponder about what I was going to wear. As soon as the delivery came I rushed home and changed into a blouse and a knee length skirt without any underwear, I did my hair then eagerly went back round my mums. It was late afternoon, Nick, (the first lad), had come back from town on his own, I just smiled at him, I sat on the top stair with my legs apart so that he could see my excited pussy, he smiled at me walking up the stairs, he started fingering me and grabbed my tits, soon I was getting a good second helping of cock bent over the banister with my skirt hitched up, he was pumping me like mad and he was squirting more of his stuff up me when my mum arrived home.
She didn’t seem to suspect that we were fucking thank goodness but I didn’t stay long, it was my turn to make excuses. I went home for a second time that day with a sore, well used and spunk soaked pussy but I was very happy.

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