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Blond On Brunette Sex

Blond on Brunette Sex

By - Nov 9, 2005 - From lesbian-erotic- stories. Lesbian stories - Views - 16525 My new apartment was in an old but well kept building. Today I hadspent moving in and it was evening and dark when I got things pretty wellarranged. I thought that I would get a book, read a while and turn inearly. Where did I leave that book? In my bedroom? I walked into thebedroom and was about to flip on the light switch, when my attention wasdrawn to movement in a window in the adjacent building. A blonde, in herlate twenties or early thirties, was undressing. I quickly moved to thewindow in the dark. What could a little voyeurism hurt? My room wasslightly higher than the one I was looking into in the opposite building, giving me an excellent view. The passageway separating the two buildingswas only about 12 feet wide so I was crouching only about 15 feet from thewoman who was totally oblivious of my presence. She slipped her t-shirtover her head, dropped her shorts, and kicked off her shoes revealing anexquisite, tall and perfectly proportioned body. She pulled her bikiniunderwear off and was reaching behind to unhook her bra, when another womanwalked into the room. This one was brunette and she was totally nude!Except for hair color the two women were almost identical in appearance.The brunette quickly unhooked the blonde's bra and slipped the straps offher shoulders.
Two incredibly beautiful women apparently lived right across frommy new apartment. What luck! Immediately I am thinking, How can I meetthem? But, hold on... The blonde turned and the two embraced and kissed --not a sisterly peck, but a lover's kiss. There they stood before me, toe-to-toe, tit-to-tit, kissing passionately. When they broke, I finallytook a breath, and noticed for the first time there was a bed with coversturned down right beside them. They tumbled into it and into each other'sarms. Where were my binoculars? After much fumbling in the dark, trying notto take my eyes off the action across the way, I found them. The binocsmade it seem like I was sitting on the edge of their bed. I wished I was!But I had the second best seat in the house.
Through the binocs I could zoom in on where the two women werelocked together at the mouth. Their full, soft lips were munching away ateach other. Their heads twisted back and forth slipping luscious lip overluscious lip, and every few seconds their mouths opened and tongues dartedin and out. One and then the other inserted her tongue deep in the mouth ofher partner, and as she withdrew it, the other sucked it briefly as ifreluctant to let it go. After trading off several of these tongue sucks, the blonde stuck her tongue, way out and the brunette wrapped her lipsfirmly around it. This time the blonde plunged her tongue through thetightly puckered lips of the brunette. It reminded me of a penis slippingin and out of a tight vagina. I could almost literally feel their passionlevel shooting up. I moved the binocs down to where their breast werepressed together. The women were lying on their sides so that right breastof the brunette and the left one of the blonde, were nipple to nipple. Ifinally took a good look at their breasts and it confirmed my earlierhurried impression -- they were perfect! Large, but not too big. At thatpoint the women were entirely focused on kissing (man, were they!) and notpaying much attention to the rest of their bodies. Still, the enthusiasm oftheir kissing caused their breasts to interact in a way that entertainedme. Part of the time they pulled apart, but were always bouncing aroundfrom the exuberant kissing which caused the rigid nipples to trace circlesaround each other. The rest of the time the breasts were pressed firmlytogether causing the nipples to disappear altogether. I panned on downtheir luscious bodies, but there wasn't much action to see there. Itwouldn't be long, however, until the action shifted to that part of theiranatomies. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
I focused back on their mouths and the activity was still hotthere, the blonde was sucking hard on the brunette's tongue. Then they bothopened their mouths wide and licked each other's tongues all over-top andbottom. Much to my regret-I could watch that forever--they locked theirmouths over each other at right angles so that their tongues wereinvisible. Anyone who has experienced a deep French kiss knows what washappening inside, but I wanted to see it. I could visualize those hottongues, slick with saliva, wrapping around and around each other, glidingover and over each other. My mind raced with memories of how indescribablywonderful a hot, wet tongue feels on your own. These women were reallywild, they couldn't get enough of each other. Even though I can'tcomprehend getting tired of watching two gorgeous women kissingferociously, I anticipated new delights when they broke their clinch andsat up, and I wasn't disappointed. They quickly positioned themselves inopposite directions on the bed, scissoring their crotches together. Ifocused my binocs on where their pussies were joined and for the first timeI could see that they were really swollen and wet. They had shaved most oftheir pubic hairs and I could clearly see the action. Both of them lay backon the bed and began to undulate their hips in a circular motion so thattheir pussies slipped and slid over each other. Occasionally in this wildthrashing I could see their clits which were so swollen that they stuckclear out of their cracks. After several minutes of pussy rubbing, theygrasped each other's hands and pulled themselves together even tighter. Nowthey thrust their hips from front to back rubbing their engorged clitstogether. They went at it so fiercely that through my binocs I could seetheir clits flattening as they crushed together, and I imagined I couldhear groans of ecstasy through two sets of walls (or maybe I really heardit!). Finally, their bodies spasmed several times in climax and then theywent limp, exhausted.
I was limp too. Rung out from what I had seen. Incredible! Butthese women were really too much-they weren't finished yet. After a fewminutes of rest they sat up, still locked together at the crotch. Icouldn't believe my eyes. They embraced and kissed just as passionately asbefore, breasts smashed together, tongues and lips meeting frantically, butthen they toppled over with the brunette on top. The blonde's stiff nippleswere pointing up, and the brunette let her breasts pendulum back and forthdragging her nipples over the blonde's. Finally, nipples matched end toend, the brunette let her body down and the two sets of magnificent boobsfused together. Their lips followed suit and they were locked into anotherincredibly ferocious kiss! But now they were kissing in two places-mouthand pussy. Lips massaged lips and pussy massaged pussy, simultaneously.They were faced away from me and I could see their pussy lips wipe back andforth over each other in a wet, erotic massage. They kept thrusting theirbodies hard at each other until the spasms of a second wracking orgasmswept over them. The spasms continued for a few more seconds, graduallysubsiding, and finally they went limp again. This time they were down forthe count, but what a bout it had been!
I fell back on my bed utterly exhausted from just watching thisfantastic sex. Once more I congratulated myself on my new apartment. Itwas going to be a great place to live!

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