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Understanding Dogs Part 19 - Your Dog & Sex - Is There Any Connection Whatsoever?

Understanding Dogs Part 19 - Your Dog & Sex - Is There Any Connection Whatsoever?

In the period from four months to a year, the male puppy's hormones surge to 4 times his adult level, and this surge can have crucial effects on his behaviour. You can generally tell when he's entering this phase. The most clear sign is that he stops listening to you. He might also attempt to control other dogs in the household or ones he meets outside. Luckily, after this big surge, his hormones finally revert to normal. Many animal owners discover at this stage that their dog is beginning to become tricky to handle, and so they seek pro help or enroll Tommy in an obedience class. This stage is also an excellent time to think about spaying the dog. Some puppies begin safeguarding their toys, their food, or their owners. In this period puppies also are not looking their best. With puppy fur falling out and adult fur coming in, they can appear quite moth-eaten. They get tall and gangly and are not looking or behaving in an exceedingly lovable way. Hormones drive behaviour, that means the force of behaviors increases in direct proportion to the quantity of hormones coursing thru his system. So if you'd like your male puppy to become calmer and not to claim himself quite so much, spaying him is a smart idea. Though female puppies going thru adolesence may show similar characteristics, they more frequently show greater dependency on their owners. They follow their owners around, taking a look at them continually, as if to assert, "Something is occurring to my body, but I am not sure what. Let me know what to do." Females are quite as apt to show mounting behaviour as males, and you'll consider spaying. If you do not wish to spay your pet, the requirement for coaching increases. The liberty the male puppy had before now becomes limited. The better trained he is the less complicated this transition is, but it needs to have a real commitment on your side. The female, in turn, must be protected during her heat cycle, which typically happens every six months and lasts around twenty-one days. Her attraction is so powerful that you will discover undesired suitors around your home, some of whom could have come from a long way away. Our first experience with a female in season concerned our Landseer, Heidi. When we came back home from work, we found a good-sized Basset Hound on our front stoop, patiently waiting for Heidi. As we approached, he made it com completely clear that he was taking an exclusive angle toward Heidi, as well as to the house. We had to go into the house via the back door. We then managed to subdue the little fellow with some dog biscuits just long enough to check his collar. We were stunned to find out the attractive hound had traveled close to 3 miles to visit. Grace Kisner is a stay at home mom writing articles about various subjects. She is exploring diyStopSnoring stop snoring and is searching for diyStopSnoring stop snoring tips .

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