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Time To Make Love Not Just Hot Sex

Time to make love not just hot sex

By deepprobsix2 - Dec 17, 2008 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 16770 Karen called round to see my wife Pat but she saw out all day with our daughter Christmas Shopping in Norwich.karen is about 5'11" tall and has ginger/brown hair boobs that are not to big but not small just over a hand full (if you know what I mean) she is of med build which is what I like I hate these skinny women.I have always wanted to make love to Karen ever since Karen & John became our friends around 7 years ago, and you will know if you have read my other stories in the last month we have all got together and had great sex.But I wanted to make love to Karen not just have hot sex to me there is a differance here was my charnce to make love to Karen so I asked her in for a coffee.We sat chatting and I told her that since we meet I had wanted to make love to her she said you have twice now, I said no thats just great hot sex I want to make love to you Karen looked at me as if she had no idea what I was on about.I lent across the table and took her hand and lifed it and kissed it, kissing each finger and the back of her hand moving slowly up her arm until I reached her neck I moved round to her pulling her up from her chair and I carried on kissing her neck moving onto her earlpoe as I gently kissed and licked her ear Karen gave out a soft low moan and I knew she was enjoying it.I took her by the hand and lead her upstairs to the big kingsize bed Pat and I have she started to undress and I stoped her and said I told you I wanted to make love not hot sex making love is all about taking your time just let me show you.Karen smiled and game over to me I placed my mouth on hers and I pushed my tongue between her lips she opened her mouth to let my tongue in and we kissed I ran my fingers up and down her back very lightly and gently making her shudder as I did so. we kissed for some time and I pulled away and started on her neck and ears again Karen was now moaning loud I placed a hand on her breast and started to kneed it and play with her nipple though her tee shirt and bra her nipple grew hard under my fingers.After a while I ran my hands down to the bottom of her tee shirt and slowly lifted it up pulling it right over her head I now lowered my head and started to kiss her between her breasts licking up her neck and back down again I was kissing all the bear flesh I could see and I undone her bra and let this fall to the floor, Karen now just stood there with just her short skirt on and what ever she had underneath it.I kissed her fully on the mouth again placing my tongue with hers and I raised my hand and took one of her breasts and squeased it her nipples as I have said before are over a inch long and I took it between my finger and thump and rolled it around Karen let out a long soft moan as I did so.I stood away and bend forward and took the other nipple into my eager mouth and sucked it in and held it between my teeth and flicked the tip of her nipple with my tongue.After a while I moved over to the other nipple and do the same with that one Karen now had her hands on the back of my head pushing it hard onto her breast say " O god thats Fucking Great" please dont stop I had no intetion of doing anything of the sort, My hands slowly came down her sides and I found the zip on one size of her skirt and I lowered this and undone the button and her skirt fell to the floor joying her bra, i brought my hands down her sides and felt that Karen was wearing a thong as my face was still being pushed into her breast I could not see it I moved my hands round to her well formed bum and ran my hands softly over it rubing it and running my fingers between her bum cheeks this sent a shiver though Karen and she push my head into her even harder.I knelt down and managed to get my head from Karens tight grasp and started to kiss down her body over her belly button pushing my tongue into it as I worked my way down to the top of her tong which I could now see and was red with white fhrills round the front. I took hold her and turned her round so her back was now facing me and I started to kiss up and down her back each time Karen shivered letting out a soft "O yes" as I did so, I then kissed the top of her bum and round her cheeks I placed my hands on her bum cheeks and pulled them gently apart and placed my tongue into her bum slit and run my tongue up and down over her thong strap, Karen had a orgasm as I did this and let out a screem as it ripped though her body.I turned her round again and griped the tong between my teeth and pulled it down as I moved my mouth from one side to the other, Slowly her shaven pussy came into view and I could see her cum starting to run from it, Once her thong dropped to the floor Karen stepped out of it I but my hands between her legs and pushed them apart and I placed my hand up on her breasts as I lowered my face into her waiting pussy, I ran my tongue up to the top of her slit and then very slowly down as far as I could go and as I brought my mouth back up I pushed my tongue into her slit just a bit further, again and again I did this making sure my tounge entered her slit just a bit more each time until I found her waiting wet hole and I just pushed forward and my tongue forced it's way into her.Karen shook all over as her second orgasm went thought her she pushed my head hard into her grinding her cunt into my face covering it in her cum.I knew Karen was not going to be able to stand up much more so I stood up and took her in my arms lifted her and lay her across the bed.I stood back and slowly undressed and lay down beside her I leand over and kissed her on the mouth and I felt her fingers wrap round my hard cock, as we kissed I ran my fingers up and down her body just touching her pussy slit then moving back up her body again, I then slid one finger into her soaking wet pusst slit and found her rock hard clit and started to rub it Karen arched her back as I did this trying to make me rub it harder, Karen was rubbing my cock with force as her body bobed up and down with me rubbing her clit I took her hand from my cock and moved round into the 69 so Karen could now suck my cock and I could not eat out her pussy.I knelt over her and karen took hold of my cock and started to suck it as if it was the last cock on earth, I pushed open her legs and lowered my head and ran my fingers up and down her slit pulling it open so I could see her hard clit and pussy hole both covered in her cum I stuch out my tongue and licked her clit Karen sucked hard on my cock as I did so I licked and bit her cilt for a while before making my way down to her hole where I pushed my tongue drinking her cum that was now running out of her, Karen's body started to shake again a sign she was about to cum for the thierd time and as she did she forced her hips up forceing my mouth onto her pussy as i felt the walls grip my tongue as wave after wave of cum ran from her. I ran my fingers down from her pussy and found her bum hole and started to run my finger round the rim and she tightened her hole so my finger could not enter I gussed that she ahd never had this done before so I moved my finger back up to her pussy and got my fingers nice and wet and slid them back down to her bum hole again and started to make it wet and each time I pushed a little bit harder all the while I was still given her cilt and pussy a good licking and Karen was about to cum for the fouth time.I knew this would be my moment and as Karen's bady shook with a orgasm I push a finger into her bum and started to work it back and forth Karen Screemed out so loud " O Fuck O god O Fuck Fuck Yes Yes." I then got up and turned round and got bewteen her legs and lowered myself gently down onto her and with one push entered her my cock slid inside her her cunt drew my cock in karen said "OOooo yes fuck me Dave Fuck me" once I was inside her I lifted myself up so all my wieght was not on her and I started to fuck her slowly I was still not going to rush as to me that's what love making is all about taking your time.Slowly I pulled out and pushed my cock and each time Karen lifted her self to meet my forward stroke making sure every last inch of my 7 1/2 inch cock entered her.I told karen to play with her nipple and she did what I said and took her nipples and twisted them between her fingers I was now getting near to shooting my load but did not want to cum yet so I pulled out of Karen and moved down and started to drink her cum once more. I again ran my finger down between her legs and found her bum hole and just cave one big push and my finger sliped strat into her Karen lifted herself fo the bed as my finger entered her and my mouth was forced hard against her cunt I shot my tongue into her pussy and Karen started to fuck my tongue and this in turn made her ride my finger in her bum, Karen was going wild bouncing up and down twisting heer niples hard between her fingers and screeming " Yes Yes I am cummmmming again O god fuck Yes Yes God YEEEEEEEEEEEeeees" as yet No5 ripped thought her shaking body, I pulled my finger from her and told her to get onto her hands and knees which she did with out question, Once again I entered her pussy with my cock and again slowly started to fuck her Karen tried to push back onto me to make me fuck her harded but I would not let let I wanted to slowly build up her last orgasm so it was the bigest and best in the end Karen gave up trying to make me fuck her fast and we got into a good slow rythem and I felt Karen slowly getting to and building a lardge orgasm her pussy started to get tight round my cock and her breathing was getting faster and faster and heaver, Karen kept saying " Yes Yes god yes" still it was growning inside her as tighter and tighter her pussy got I was not far behind and knew that I would soon shoot my load to.I ran my finger down and got it wet and brought it back and shoved it inside her bum which was a wonderful site to see in front of me Karen threw her hard up and screemed as one last masive orgasm ripped though her body her cum gushed down her pussy and ran down my balls dripping on the bed still I fucked her again and again she orgasmed as with one last thrush I filled her pussy with my cum mixing it with hersI grapped Karen's hips and pulled her back onto my cock so it was in her as far as it would go as it enptied out.After that Karen just fell flat onto the bed totaly worn out I turned her over and opened her legs and licked her clean the taste of our cum mixed together was a great taste and I held a mouth full and let it run into Karens mouth as I gave her a kiss before we fell asleep on the bed wraped in each others arms.When we woke about a hour later we got dressed and went down stairs and had a drink of wine we sat chatting and Karen told me that John was the omly man she had ever been with until our sexy evening a few weeks ago, John always just had sex and that was it he had never taken the time like I had just done and now she knew the difference between sex and making love and she thanked me for it.I told her anytime, I asked her that when I first touched her bum she tighted it up to stop me was that the first time she had ever had a finger up her bum, Karen said John never when near there and she was scard it was going to hurt, I told Karen that Pat loved a cock up her bum from time to time and Karen looked shocked as if it was something dirty I told her a lot of women loved to get bum fucked and if she ever wanted to try let me know I promised I would stop it she did not like it. karen got up to leave and as she did I pulled her close and kissed her fully on the lips once more and then thanked her for letting my forefil a dream of making love to her, Karen smiled and said anytime Dave Anytime you want.As she left I wispped I will keep you to that we smiled and I watched her walk away home to John.

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